Where is the best location for beginner to train their basic photography ?

The most unique question that I ever hear about learning photography after camera type, technical question and how to shoot… is about where should I take the picture.

Some people learning Landscape Photography, and go for a thousand miles to find out the best landscape in the world, just like their idol taking a beautiful photo. The others go to Hongkong to get the good street with beautiful color for Street Photography, and I found many people pay for an expensive studio to learn portrait and fashion photostyle.


If that is a must, I can’t imagine how expensive this photographic hobbies after buy a good camera, better lens and many many equipment.

Now, we make it simple… or very simple. With learning to shoot anything around you, don’t go away just to get good spot, or pay much money to try a better equipment. You still learning, remember it 🙂

Now, we start from your back or front yard, find out the ordinary flower or leaf… and make it special.


and, if you can wait after the rain, you will found a beautiful surprise on the leaf.

Now, after many time practising around your house, you can start bring your camera every where, so you can shoot from the back side of your car.

But please don’t take a photo shoot when you driving, is’s very dangerous. Even if you are a professional photographer.

So, why don’t you try to shoot form your neighbour hood to create the ordinary moment become a special one !

Purnawan Taslim Hadi


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